Monday, January 14, 2013

Cloth Diapers Again!

I've been using my pocket diapers for the past 7 months. I had a bit of a learning curve, figuring out how to wash them with the hard well water, which detergent to use, and how to prevent leaks. The last one I just couldn't solve with my pockets. I had 3 problems- JR sleeps 12+ hours a night, he sleeps on his side, and he's a heavy wetter. I tried double stuffing with microfiber inserts, adding bamboo, folding inserts, stuffing, not stuffing, everything and still had leaks most nights!

I started researching what other moms used and had good luck with. The answer kept coming back to one thing- wool. Everything I thought I knew (hard to care for, expensive, itchy, and hot) came to a screetching halt when I found Amy's Diaper Stash, a wonderful mom run retailer in Highland Village, Texas. She had a really cute wool diaper cover that looked soft and didn't cost $50-60. I decided to take a chance, for $28. If it didn't work, I could always resell it (another benefit of cloth diapers!). I emailed her and asked her opinion on if it was worth it and what to use underneath. She wrote me back and said she uses prefolds and wool full time. She also warned me that it's addicting.

My next worry was how to care for it. I knew it had to be hand washed but I didn't realize it takes 2 minutes or less of work every couple of weeks. All you do is fill up a sink with warm water, disolve some lanolin and wool wash, and put the cover in. Then, you leave it for 15 minutes, come back wring the water out (without twisting it), and roll it up between 2 towels to get more water out.. All done!

Next, I prepped my new prefolds- 4 hot washes and dries. It took all day but finally I was ready to try it! I got JR from his bath (Daddy's job) and put it on him. I am by no means a pro at using a prefold but I got it on hin and pulled on his wool for the night. Now for the test! When we woke up at 6 (slept a bit later than usual) there was no wet spot in our bed! I felt a bit of dampness on the inside of the cover but nothing on the outside!

After 3 days, I am completely in love! I am already looking at a few more prefolds, wool covers, and a few regular covers. I don't think they'll replace my pockets completely but they make a nice change for things!

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