Tuesday, December 25, 2012


Christmas is a wonderful time of year! I love watching Allison's face light up when she sees a Santa Claus or tree full of decorations. The hard part was doing the shopping for presents. I loved going out with my mom Christmas shopping. We would go down every aisle looking for just the right gift for everyone on our lists. This year, my heart wasn't in it without Mom!

I knew I had to get presents for both kids. JR because it was his first Christmas and Allison because she was finally old enough to understand about Santa! I waited and waited, hoping I'd catch some of Allison's excitement. Finally, 10 days ago, I knew I couldn't wait any longer. Allison had been begging for a doctor kit (a booboo kit in her words) from Santa for the over a month and I was afraid if I waited too long I wouldn't be able to find one. As it was, I had to go to 3 stores to get it! I got each kid 4 presents, one thing they wanted, one thing they needed, one thing to read, and one thing to wear. Allison got her doctor kit, PJ's, a matching/memory game, and a shirt. JR got a set of cars, PJ's, a bedtime story, and a second set of PJ's (he really needed some that would go over his huge night time cloth diaper!).

On Christmas Eve, James got a bonus and went to the Cal Ranch Store (think Tractor Supply Company). He got the kids a pedal tractor, a wooden train set, and wooden Lincoln Logs. He also got me a 3 cookbook set of Crockpot meals and a play yard for JR. I love it and it will be well used!