Monday, August 6, 2012

School Already?!

We've been going to the park with our local homeschooling group for the past few weeks. Allison has made some great new friends, even though she's the youngest (smaller siblings excluded). All the older kids make sure to include her and keep up with her. It's pretty amazing to go to the park for 2-3 hours and not have your kid permanently attatched (and not be worried about that with a 2 year old!).

I planned on starting to homeschool Allison in January. Nothing major just some basic skills, numbers, letters, days of the week, colors, shapes. She had other ideas! From talking with the older kids, she decided she wanted to start school when the big kids did, today. So, I got on the ball and found all the websites I planned to use in January, printed things off like crazy, laminated them so they will last... all the fun stuff that goes along with starting a new school year!

Today, was our first day of school. I expected to spend 5 minutes on it and have her want to do something else. She spent an hour on it and I had to bribe her with going to the park to stop! I think I've created a monster...