Thursday, January 17, 2013

Back at work

It's been an odd couple of weeks- I started working again after almost 4 years! It's a part time job (24 hours one week and 16 hours the second week, so it averages out to 20 hours a week). I'm working as a WIC breastfeeding councilor. I've been training the past 2 weeks (how to do my job) and the next 2 weeks will be doing my job with a supervisor in the room. Starting next month (when I'm on my own) my schedule is Week 1, I work M-W-F and week 2 I work T-Th. This month it is M-W- every other F.

I get to take JR to work with me (he's my breastfeeding aid/model) and Allison stays at home with the babysitter/nanny (I don't know what to call her but she's awesome!) Allison looks forward to being with someone different and having their sole attention and I look forward to some adult interaction. I hope this is a job that I stay at for a while, the hours are great, 3 day weekends every week, get to bring JR (so I don't have to pump!), and the possibility of moving up with the county.

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