Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Mi Vida Loca

What have I been up to since I updated last? Quite a bit! We joined a local homeschool group and have been going to play at the park on Mondays. Allison loves it and has heard from the older kids how much fun school is and begging to go to school like the big kids! So, starting August 6 we are starting a pre-k/kindergarten mix. Kind of scary if you consider Allison is only 2.5!

I have checked out the typical things that a preschooler needs to know and she already knows them... I had to think fast and break it to James that I will be buying curriculum this year. He took it better than I figured, but he also knows I know best about homeschooling.

On the JR front, he's getting big! 14.2 pounds and 24 inches at his 2 month check up. He is starting to babble and coo, smile at things, and, generally, is a happy baby.

I have also managed to herniate a disk in my back! The doctor thinks it happened during pregnancy and we just chalked it up to pregnancy aches and pains. I'm in pain doing certain things like laying down or too much walking but I'm still doing them :) I'm taking ibuprofen for the pain because I can't take the Flexoril that the doctor prescribed (home all day with the kids and have to drive/function) unless I have help.

I am also on the board of my local MOMS Club (treasurer) and have started hosting a craft/educational activity for the kids at the business meeting. That should be fun!

Well, more later. Kids are up and want my attention!

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